Industry Application: Production Planning

Optimize production scheduling to maximize machine utilization and reduce batch waiting times

Industry Application: Stock Analytics

Data-driven prioritization of dispatch based on inventory, lead-time, margin and demand variability

Industry Application: GPS Trip Analytics

Minimize costs through optimized turnaround Time and Idling duration based on historical trip analysis

Industry Application: Data-Driven Workflows

Incorporating data-driven decision workflows into your process execution to monitor and understand your business.

Industry Application: Sales and Margin Analytics

Sales and Margin analysis to understand market dynamics in different geographies with a what-if capability to link sales margin, sales and competitor pricing differential

Industry Application: Automated Dispatch Planning

Automated dispatch of product for network-wide distribution ensure service level compliance

Industry Application: Dental Imaging using AI

Leverage Machine Learning models trained to identify Caries occurrences and location in a Dental X-ray automatically with high-accuracy.

Industry Application: Orders Management

Improve revenue realization by end-to-end monitoring of orders for proactive delay alerting and preemptive vendor follow-ups