Data Bridges & Data Land

Data Bridges & Data Land

Connect, transform and store data in a data lake

Data Bridges and Data Land validates the data quality, consistency and completeness of data, definitions and business rules across multiple systems.

Enterprise Challenges

  • The unending data tsunami
  • Multiple Data silos and legacy systems
  • What data to use?


File Systems
Streaming Data

Data sources

Flat files & EPM dataTransactional applicationsIoT Data & Machine logs

KPI Store

KPI Store

Calculate and store KPIs for analytics and planning

KPI Store has a growing library of more than 1000+ KPIs mapped across multiple industries and auto calculated for various dimensions

Enterprise Challenges

  • Multiple versions of truth
  • Inconsistency in KPI definitions across the organization
  • Two-way integration of KPIs and Planning is limited, if at all

Key Dimensions




Insights Factory

Insights Factory

Automated insights from data

MonitorFirst™ Insight Factory has advanced descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to deliver 1-click to insights and 2-clicks to action. Doesn't require a data scientists to infer or use on an on-going basis

Enterprise Challenges

  • Insight discovery being manual, making data analysts out of employees
  • Focusing on charts rather insights

DetectWhat anomalies found with KPIs?

DiscoverWhat happened with the hidden dimensions?

ExplainWhat contributed to the change/anomaly?

ImproveWhat factors can be improved for target attainment?

Visual Showrooms

Visual Showrooms

Actionable insights for planning and decisions

Visual showrooms provides actionable insights by covering expert models into enterprise ready digital apps.

Enterprise Challenges

  • Significant delay, if at all in connection between analytics and planning
  • Expert systems and tools don't survive as processes


User Management & RightsEnterprise level securityBig Data & ML Architecture



The value we bring

With its genesis in our Consulting journey for over a decade we partner with top-notch strategy consulting firms globally who use MonitorFirst™ to implement and achieve their recommendations. Its out-of-the-box capability ensures that we deliver value within the first couple of weeks itself


Automated insights to detect anomalies, discover patterns, explain changes & improve performance of your KPIs


KPI Data store is the building block for the AI-enabled enterprise of the future


One platform for all data, logic, analytics and users


Every enterprise KPI on mobile device in less than 5 sec


Execute fast. Go-live in 8 weeks

Low Footprint

Auto-pilot for your insights and analytics once deployed