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Data, like God is omnipresent. As a consumer or an enterprise, every action generates data.

By 2020, there is going to be more than 5 terabytes of data per human on this earth. But it’d take a leap of faith to assume that all human decisions taken thereof will be well-informed. Admittedly, Decisions are often based on a flood of information or the plain lack of it. We want to change that.

At Byte Prophecy, we are building products that address significant gaps in decision-making in existing enterprise and consumer processes.

We engage with enterprises, consulting firms and start-ups driving the product design and management process.

smarter decisions.

better business.

Fundamentally, decisions are based on the basis of data in terms of text and numbers. Our product line is built to specifically augment decision-making via number-crunching (Monitor) and natural-language processing (Focus).

Over the last 12 years, the Byte Prophecy team has been the key-driver behind conceptualization, design and development of many products:

• Proactive customer care analytics for cable industry
• OEM RAN analytics
• Wholesale carrier pricing analytics
• Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring system for CSPs
• Big Data for last-mile logistics companies

• Global petrochemical price forecasting
• Revenue optimization for online ad-targeting
• Stock planning and logistics optimization for cement industry
• OEM Wireless analytics reporting engine
• Co-branded planning tool with a leading consulting firm


our stories
that bytes

for text

FIND – Help consumers decide what to buy. Fills the gap between need- identification (consumer-driven) and purchase execution (retailers – online and offline)

ANALYZE – Help companies glean insights from consumer feedback channels like reviews, care emails and other consumer touchpoints

ASK – Conversational interface to data analysis that sits on top of Monitor and helps users drive analysis via medium most convenient to them

for numbers

FIRST – Mobile interface targeted at senior-level execs that prioritizes, highlights and explains key business metrics for the user independent of other systems and employees

DEEP – Targeted at business users who need to have a comprehensive grasp on their business and explain interrelationships between performance of different functions and drive strategy

BEYOND – Targeted at enterprise data scientists who need to support strategic planning and what-if scenarios for excess

our platform

Open-source full-stack big data and analytics platform that drives the core of Monitor and Focus

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At byte prophecy , we are constantly looking for folks who are as obsessed with data...
• Folks who love to figure out new ways of using data for making better decisions
• Folks who love playing with data using different algorithms and technologies
• Folks who love visualizing data in simple, clear and sexy ways
Some of the open positions with us currently are below:


Data Engineer (Backend) – Looking for people who are conversant with Big Data technologies like Spark, Hive, Cassandra, Elasticsearch

Data Engineer (Algorithm) – Looking for people who are conversant with text-mining, multi-variate analysis or forecasting methods

Data Engineer (Frontend) – Looking for people who are conversant with JavaScript, D3, React and interested in working on web apps


Data Designer – Looking for a sharp Data Designer who can help define, drive and institutionalize a clean design strategy across all the data apps we build. Our fundamental approach to design at Byte Prophecy is for it to be simple, clear and consistent.

If you think any of the above profiles interest you,
email your resume on

build products


If you are looking to build analytics-driven products for your enterprise operations, or build an analytics layer on top of your existing products, or a start-up with a kick-ass analytics idea, reach out to us. We are always looking to connect with folks who share our vision for the value of data!


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